Emsworth town and neighbourhood planning

The ERA has always been keen that Emsworth residents should be aware of what planning applications have been made within our neighbourhood. So in addition to the weekly list of planning applications that are displayed on the Community Notice Board outside the Co-op, we are also publishing the the details and links to the full list of applications here on the web.

To view the details of any planning application, simply click on the appropriate APP reference in the top left hand corner, and that will take you straight to the details of that application on the Havant Planning Departments website. There you will be able to see all the planning details, the Case Officer to contact, copies of all concerns and objections, last dates to submit representations as well as correspondence from the relevant council departments.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding any planning application, please contact Charles Ashe at the ERA, 01243 379296, or email ashe.family@btinternet.com

Planning Applications for 2015

Wk 50 - 10th Dec

Wk 41 - 8th Oct

Wk 38 - 17th Sept

Wk 37 - 10th Sept

Wk 36 - 3rd Sept

Wk 30 - 23rd July

Wk 28 - 9th July

Wk 27 - 2nd July

Wk 26 - 25th June

Wk 25 - 18th June