The Emsworth Design Statement

What is a Design Statement ? 

A Design Statement records the distinctive character of a village/small town and its relationship with the surrounding environment. It defines design principles or guidelines which have the objective of maintaining or enhancing this distinctive character. 

The Emsworth Design Statement process was initiated, managed and undertaken by members of the community after funding was raised, in the five years leading up to 2008. The Design Statement was submitted to and approved by Havant Borough Council. 

The purpose of the EDS is to contribute to the protection and wherever possible the enhancement of the human, economic, structural and environmental qualities identified by the project so that Emsworth continues to be a thriving community in an attractive setting. 

Change is inevitable, but the objective of a Design Statement is to help channel this change constructively, giving guidance on what is considered important by the community to those involved in planning and development decisions. It should also provide an information source for members of the community when they wish to comment on planning proposals. 

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Section 1
Landscape Setting
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Section 2
Settlement Pattern
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Section 3
Built Environment
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Section 4
Life in Emsworth
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How to use the EDS and Supplement