Havant Pre-Consultation Local Plan, and Westwood Close

Pre-Consultation Local


Plan The Havant Local Plan 2036 has now reached the Pres-Consultation stage. The next step in preparing the plan involves consulting on what is known as the Pre-Submission Local Plan. There will be an upcoming Full Council meeting where it will be considered. All of the details and links to the reports are available at www.havant.gov.uk/localplan.


The Cabinet will consider the Local Plan at 2pm in Hollybank Room on Wednesday 30th January. The Full Council will then consider, debate and vote on whether to formally publish the Pre-Submission Havant Borough Local Plan 2036 at 5:30pm in Hurstwood Room. Both meetings that consider the Local Plan will take place on Wednesday 30 January at the Public Service Plaza, Civic Centre Road, Havant, PO9 1DL. We would urge all residents and interested parties, to attend. The meetings are expected to be well attended, so arrive early. If no seats are available in the Hollybank Room, or Hurstwood Room, attendees can watch the proceedings and deputations via live link in the foyer of the Plaza. Westwood Close APP/18/00672


Under the Pre-Consultation Plan, this site has been dropped from the list of sites for development. While this is a welcome step, residents should be aware that the previous applicants, Hampshire Homes, have recently submitted an amended application for 36 homes (down from their previous application of 46). The Planning Department are obliged to reply to them. Nevertheless, concerned residents should still lodge their objections / comments with the Planning Department.

Charles Ashe 27th January 2019