Emsworth Community Land Trust

The Emsworth Victoria Cottage Hospital site was suddenly put up for sale on July 25th by NHS Property Services. We believe the hospital site should be developed by the community rather than being sold off, in haste, to the highest bidder.

The #EmsworthUnited campaign has been launched by the Emsworth Business Association, Emsworth Community Association, Emsworth Residents Association, the Friends of Emsworth Community Health and Emsworth Forum. They all support the redevelopment of the hospital site by the new Emsworth Community Land Trust (Emsworth CLT) following full consultation with local people.

Please join our campaign and attend our first public meeting on Wednesday 22nd August at 6:30 pm at Emsworth Baptist Church to find out what is happening, why, and how you can help us save the site for the Emsworth Community.

Please visit our website at www.emsworthclt.org.uk for more details.