Grant Funding Project – Terms and Conditions

From time to time the Emsworth Residents Association (ERA) is in a position to offer funding in the form of a grant to organisations within the Emsworth Community. The following set out the terms and conditions under which the ERA will offer such funding.

Applying for Funding

All applications can be made online here, or downloaded here ☛

Applications are welcome from any group, charity, school of voluntary group within Emsworth’s boundaries. By submitting an application for funding an applicant confirms acceptance of the following terms and conditions and agrees to be bound by them.

What the ERA will fund

The ERA aims to help build stronger and more active communities. The ERA will consider funding any activity which seeks to achieve this aim.

What the ERA will not fund

The ERA does not fund

  • Grants for the benefit of one Individual

  • Medical research or hospitals

  • Churches or other religious bodies where the monies will be used for religious purposes 

  • Work where there is a statutory responsibility to provide funding

  • Profit-making organisations

  • Political parties or where the monies will be used for party political purposes

Application Validity

Applicants warrant that they have truthfully and accurately completed the application form and acknowledge and agree that the adjudicators may disqualify an applicant If information is supplied Is in breach of any of these terms and conditions.

Press/Publicity and Data

The ERA may provide coverage of the application process and applicants must be prepare to co-operate with this. The ERA reserves the right to seek and Issue publicity related to the project and its applicants. Where appropriate, they may also ask for acknowledgement of their contribution to be displayed on the project. The ERA will not provide information to anyone not involved in the project without prior permission of the applicant.