The Community Chest puts £1,000 aside every quarter to help community organizations. The money is there and ready to go, as seed funding for great projects. Any group, charity, school or voluntary group inside Emsworth and Hermitage boundaries can apply.

Community Chest

The money available can help to build a stronger and more active community. Examples of funding so far include:

  • A local choir to provide items of clothing to identify them as a group

  • An environmental project to encourage children in the growing and understanding of food

  • A new activity area on Thorney Island

  • Trees and planting

  • Development of a children’s playground

  • A sports event to encourage fitness in the community

  • Wemsfest support

  • Peek-a-Boo children’s community activities

  • Emsworth Schools Community Fireworks

  • Providing a tool store for Brook Meadow Conservation Association

  • Home Start, Havant who provide support for parents in the early years

Grant Funding

We also provide funding outside of the Community Chest towards many worthwhile projects; so that’s on top of the £4000 set aside above. So far, it has helped with these:

  • Completion of the shore defence works at Nore Barn Woods

  • Providing a commemorative plaque and a rose garden in Warblington Cemetery

  • A contribution to the Emsworth and Southbourne Community Christmas project to provide lunch on Christmas Day for those who are alone or unable to join their families

  • Further contributions to the Emsworth Christmas Day Lunch

  • Funding to help a start up Rowing Club

  • Funding for sapling Trees at Redlands Grange

  • Funding for Emsworth In Bloom (regular donations are being made to this incentive there for all)


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If you have any problems and need a bit of help with the forms, please contact: Jill Millar on 01243 377071 or send an emaiil to: