Emsworth Residents’ Association is an independent, non-political organisation representing the interests of the whole community to help make Emsworth a pleasant, safe and caring place to live and work.


Quarterly general meetings

The ERA’s regular open meetings (QGM’s & AGM’s) give residents the best opportunity to voice their concerns, ask questions and get answers from councillors and other professional bodies. 



Our website is moving

We are excited to let you know that we are working with the Emsworth Business Association to include our information on its website: www.emsworth.org.uk.


Between us we are creating a website that appeals to a wider range of interests and provides more information on the issues and activities of Emsworth residents.

In the meantime, please go to @emsworthresidents on Facebook for our latest news and events. 

ERA public meetings 2020


  • 10 February – AGM

  • 20 April – QGM (Hustings)

  • 27 July – QGM

  • 30 November – QGM

* Quarterly General Meetings  


* All meetings are held at the Emsworth Community

   Centre in North Street  Emsworth at 7.30pm.  

Other Emsworth public meetings 2019